Bike Fit Kit is an online retail platform and distribution company that specialises in delivering cycling products with the sole aim of improving the end users cycling experience.

Company Directors, Dan and Jack, are Physiotherapists & Bike Fitters with a combined 17 years of professional experience. During our time, we identified a range of products that we regularly recommend to customers during our work to improve cyclists' comfort and performance.

We recognised that many Bike Fit studios around the UK have very mixed practices, equipment and products. From market research, we understand a large part of this is being unfamiliar with other service options and products. We aim to create a catalogue of Bike Fitting products to improve other Bike Fitter's working practices.

We grew our UK distribution network to provide Bike Fitters a one-stop-shop to purchase all of their products, so they can save on shipping and import costs.

We are proud to be the official UK distribution company for Gebiomized, Form and Lake within the UK!

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