Riding your bike should not be painful. Whether you're riding for leisure or competing in the Olympics, your bike should fit like a glove.

At Bike Fit Kit, you'll find products used by Bike Fitters to help you get back to pain free riding.

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Premium products from gebioMized, one of the worlds leading bike fitting experts. Developed... 

  • Products To Help Knee Pain

    Knee pains are by far the most common complaint amongst cyclists.

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  • Products To Help Wrist and Hand Pain

    Pins and needles and numbness can ruin a ride. This is not normal and we can help.

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  • Products To Help Saddle Pain

    There is simply no excuse for putting up with saddle related problems as there will always be a solution.

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  • Products To Help Foot Pain

    We Turn The Pedals Thousands Of Times Every Ride So Even The Slightest Issue With Our Foot Position, Shoe Size Or Cleat Position Can Cause Significant Problems.

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  • Products To Help Neck Pain

    It Is A Common Misconception That Neck Pain Is Part And Parcel Of Cycling And You Just Have To Put Up With It. This Is Simply Not True; You Don’t Need To Suffer In Silence Anymore.

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  • Products To Help Back Pain

    Back pain occurring on the bike is commonly due to a poor bike fit. Which means, a proper fitting bike can often help resolve your problems!

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  • gebioMized

    As the official UK distributors for gebioMized we can supply the most consistently comfortable saddles currently available, along with premium quality insoles used in the World Tour with the INEOS Grenadiers.

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  • Lake Cycling

    Lake are the market leaders in well-fitting, high quality cycling shoe. We are proud to be able to offer Lake's Shoes to cyclists via our WebShop, and UK Bike Fitters via a Trade Account. Lake are the market leaders in well-fitting, high quality cycling shoe.

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  • FORM BikeFit

    FORM BikeFit is home to the leading cleat and in-shoe products used by Bike Fitters worldwide.

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