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Brand: Form

Form Road Leg-Length Cleat Shim Kit

Form Road Leg-Length Cleat Shim Kit

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Leg Length Shims, such as the Form Universal 3-hole, can serve the purpose of correcting asymmetries and reducing excessive load. This can solve saddle pain, improve pedalling efficiency, and improve performance.

These sit under the cleat, between the outer sole of the shoe, and come in 2-3mm thick options. It’s important to have these recommended to you by your Physiotherapist & Bike Fitter, as if applied incorrectly, can further exacerbate asymmetries, load and cause injury.


Used to compensate for leg length discrepancies, these are often clinically indicated for those with (one leg, shorter than the other). Signs of this include overreaching on one side at the bottom of the pedal stroke or increased saddle pressure to one side. A Leg Length discrepancy is most accurately diagnosed with an X-ray, however a Specialist Physiotherapist will be expert in utilising a combination of saddle pressure mapping and physiotherapy assessment to determine the need during a fit.


We as bike fitters use the Form Universal 3-hole, as its discrete and curved to match the shape of the sole of a cycling shoe. A chamfered front makes it easier to clip in, when compared to other shims.

Manufacturer information

Made from impact resistant nylon to reduce damage due to repeated clip-ins

Assuming the rider's position is correct, and their legs have been assessed to have a discrepancy, the issues above could be solved with the use of leg length shims.

Shimming, with the correct amount of rise, can create a more equal leg extension, stabilise the pelvis and lead to a smoother and more controlled pedal stroke on the shorter side.

Speedplay - This kit is compatible with Speedplay Zero, Walkable, Aero and Nano cleat systems. KIT INCLUDES: 2MM / 3MM / SCREWS

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