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Brand: gebioMized

gebioMized Saddle Pressure Mapping Technology

gebioMized Saddle Pressure Mapping Technology

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gebioMized Saddle Pressure Mapping Technology offers unparalleled precision for bike fitters. By accurately measuring saddle pressure, the system helps to identify problems with fit, comfort, and efficiency, allowing bike fitters to customise their clients riding experience. With gebiomized pressure mapping, bike fitters can maximise their cyclists performance and help them stay safe on rides.

This system is made of a thin and flexible film which includes 64 sensors. During analysis, the data is wirelessly transmitted to a computer, which makes both indoor and outdoor measurements possible.

The system is placed on the saddle and the cyclist can ride without changing their riding style. In this manner the pressure distribution on the saddle can be measured statically as well as dynamically, i.e. while cycling. 

Key Features

  • Measures the pressure distribution in different seated and handle bar positions
  • Allows comparison of different saddle types
  • Displays the results though a colour chart in a visually interactive way
  • Features to analyse asymmetries and phases of loading
A complete, colour report is produced including:
  • Mean pressure across the saddle
  • Front and rear saddle pressure (pubic bone v’s sit bone)
  • Max pressure values and their location on the saddle
  • Left and right side pressure comparison
  • Center of movement and pelvic tracking pattern
  • Gross angle of pelvic hemisphere alignment

If you would like to discuss a personalised quote that can include gebioMized saddles, PUSH insoles and arm cups then please let us know and we can tailor that for you. Pricing will always include import taxes, shipping and any other additional charges so you can be confident you are paying what you are quoted. The price stated here is for the pressure mapping system, software installation and training to use the technology.

Please note:

- there is a 300euro software fee payable direct to gebioMized per year to use this system (not included in this price)

- these systems are made to order and so expected delivery would be 4-6 weeks from purchase. 

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