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Brand: gebioMized

gebioMized Spotless Aero Armcups

gebioMized Spotless Aero Armcups

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The world doesn’t need more arm cups for triathlon and time trial. But the cycling world needs Spotless Aero. Because our newly developed system may look like another pair of new arm cups at first glance. But it is more. Much more.

Have you ever seen a gebioMized’s pressure analysis? Red areas mark the strongest pressure points. These are exactly the areas where pain typically occurs. And pain slows you down. We call these areas hotspots. Our mission is to make these hotspots disappear. A mission that resulted in something called Spotless.

After Secret Saddle Club saddles and PUSH insoles, Spotless Aero represents our solution for the third point of contact between athlete and bike – the cockpit. And we developed it as the first biomechanics expert, not as the 226th component manufacturer. Shaped exactly as it makes sense from a biomechanical point of view. In exact compliance with UCI rules. More comfortable than anything you’ve ever known.

Spotless. And Aero. Because comfort and stability make you fast! We looked at arm rests as a cohesive system of cup and padding and re-developed both.

Your bike-fitter adapts the cup with different paddings from our 3D printer to your individual needs. Spotless Aero is “100% Made in Münsterland”.

Two paddings are available for optimising your bike fit: a flat one and one angled at 3° which make sure that every aero position can be optimally adjusted. Please note the arm cup itself is the same, it is just the padding that differs. 

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