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Brand: Form

Form Cleat Wedge Kit

Form Cleat Wedge Kit

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If you experience pain whilst cycling, this may be due to your biomechanics and cycling kinematics. A tool often used by Bike Fitters is a cleat wedge. Designed to improve stability, comfort, and reduce pain. The Form Cleat wedge is my first choice when addressing foot pronation and improving leg biomechanics. 

Best fitted during a bike fit, cleat wedges angle a rider’s shoe/foot by means of changing the angle between the cleat and shoe. Each Form cleat wedge offer 1 degree of tilt and multiple wedges can be used to achieve the desired angle. Allowing Physiotherapists & Bike Fitters to make bespoke changes to foot/pedal biomechanics that can reduce and even resolve pain in the foot, knee, hip and higher up! Placing the foot in a more neutral position can also improve the transfer of power to the pedal.

SPD-SL/Look - Universal 3-hole cleat wedges are compatible with Shimano SPDSL, Look style 3-hole cleats and Time/Mavic pedals.. KIT INCLUDES: 4x WEDGES / SCREWS
SPD (MTB) - compatible with all 2-hole SPD type cleats. KIT INCLUDES: 2x WEDGES / SCREWS
Speedplay - Speedplay cleat wedges will work with all Speedplay road systems including Nano, Zero, Comp & Aero. KIT INCLUDES: 4x WEDGES / SCREWS
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