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Brand: ERGO3

Mid-Foot Cleat Adapter

Mid-Foot Cleat Adapter

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Meet Your New Friends

What can a Cleat Move do?

1) It can move the cleats away from hot-spots. Eliminate pain from Metatarsalgia or Mortons Neuroma.

2) It can reduce heel-drop.

3) It reduces strain on your Achilles tendons. Prevent or reduce tendinitis.

4) It can spare triathletes' calves for the run.

5) It reduces the heel movement, enables a lower seat post and a lower drag. Our adapters are used on a variety of shoes with the following cleat types:
Shimano SPD-SL, Time, Garmin and Look Keo


Compatibility Warning

The ERGO3 is compatible with: Shimano SPD-SL, Time, Garmin and Look Keo.

For other cleat systems please get in touch prior to purchase.

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