Ride fast AND stay comfy in the saddle

Ride fast AND stay comfy in the saddle

Your bottom is unique

Like feet, our bottoms are all unique. When it comes to saddle selection, it can be confusing knowing where the start. Width, shape, cut out or not, what about my style of riding? Ultimately, this is best achieved with the support of an experienced bike fitter. But like every artist, you need a good palette to paint from, and therefore gebioMized is our first choice. 

GebioMized Secret Saddle Club: developed by bike fitters, for bike fitters. It is fitting to describe the new range of gebioMized saddles range as an evolution, as evolution has not abled an easy relationship between us and our saddle. Much to the surprise of many, saddle discomfort is not normal. It should not be accepted. In fact, issues related to the saddle such as numbness, pins and needles, saddle sores amongst many others, can if ignored lead to long-term health issues. The SSC or Secret Saddle Club, based on 15 years’ worth of experience, is gebioMized's first range of saddles. Designed simply to eliminate saddle issues all together, optimising performance. 

What to consider when choosing a saddle?

As Physiotherapists, there are three main considerations made when selecting saddles: pelvis orientation, pressure, and symmetry. Using a combination of expertise and saddle pressure mapping, we make informed decisions to support saddle selection based on existing knowledge, even before considering saddle positioning. An evidenced based approach underlines our entire practice here at UK Tri Fit and knowing that gebioMized saddles are backed by research. Rest assured; we can help you to solve your saddle woes. 

So, what saddle should I choose?

Available in two shapes: V-shape, T-shape for different loading types. The gebioMized Sleak is a flatter saddle, crafted for narrow pelvic shapes. For low profiles, and aggressive riding styles, each design has an option for a cut out or channel, alleviating pressure in important areas. 

Whether you are a rider that loads the rear area of your pelvis: ischial area, or the front: pubic area. The demands of those positions generate different areas of pressure, requiring differing levels of support. The T-shape is designed for those who load their ischial area. Whilst the V-shape is designed for those who load their pubic area. The options of a cut out or channel are in support of pressure relief and are more subjective and unique to each rider’s needs.


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