Don't put up with foot pain, get it right with gebioMized PUSH

Don't put up with foot pain, get it right with gebioMized PUSH

Your foot/pedal interface is key to solving foot pain

Insoles are a hot topic, but not as hot and incorrectly fitting shoes. Serving as the primary contact point between the rider and the bike, the foot and pedal interface is responsible for the load transmission between the rider to the drivetrain. That’s why it is so important to have correctly positioned feet, as alluded to in a previously written piece [G8 insoles]. An ill-fitting foot/pedal system will not only lead to suboptimal performance, but injury too.  

Understanding pressure

Knowledge pertaining to pressure within a footbed is desirable when recognising how to support and manage it. Akin to saddle pressure mapping systems, such means of dynamic assessment exists for footbeds too: gebioMized GP CYCLE.  Gathering a range of metrics, the GP CYCLE is purpose built to learn how load is transmitted across the foot through a pedal revolution. It informs area of performance, such as power application and biomechanics.

PUSH Insoles

Harnessing this information, gebioMized have designed semi-customisable insoles gebioMized PUSH that are purpose informed around pressure mappings.

Professional cyclists provided feedback to gebioMized over many years based on needs and experience.

That feedback led gebioMized to create PUSH - a semi-custom insole concept, based on data of more than 25,000 foot pressure mappings. The prototypes were sent out to our riders who all fed back to gebioMized HQ.

Suited for all shoes and all pedal models, considerations are made around not only correctly fitting an insole to the rider’s foot, but also to the footbed of the shoe. Leaving no aspect of load transmission ignored.  

 You can buy the gebioMized PUSH insoles direct from Bike Fit Kit today!

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