Cure your foot pain with insoles

Cure your foot pain with insoles

Why do Bike Fit Kit believe G8 Insoles should be the choice for your feet?

Whilst cycling, our feet serve as a primary contact point in the transfer of power from the body to the bike. Irrespective of your type of cycling, your feet are subjected to significant stresses. Where a lack of contact between the sole of the foot and shoe exists, the repeated stress of cycling can cause changes in blood flow within the feet, a build-up of scar tissue, nerve function and eventually pain and injury.  


Insoles are used to improve foot and shoe contact, facilitating a more natural foot position. This improves stability, eliminating painful hot spot areas through distributing the stress across the whole foot. As our feet are all unique, they will require differing levels of support. G8 Performance orthotic insoles mimic the dynamic function of bare feet even whilst wearing your shoes. The bespoke nature of these insoles makes them a popular choice amongst bike fitters and physiotherapists. With 5 arch heights and 11 position options, each foot is supported optimally, maximising pedalling efficiency and cycling kinematics. 



Pro Insoles Features

  • Thin and lightweight
  • Fully customisable with 5 arch heights and 11 position options
  • Narrow heel cup
  • Inbuilt metatarsal pad
  • Chambers for air flow

Pro Insoles Benefits

  • Increase foot flexion
  • Increase blood flow in the foot
  • Reduce foot numbness and pain
  • Provides power transfer over a greater surface area


The Best Pro Insoles for Plantar Fasciitis

We understand that every foot is different, which is why we offer customisable products that are built to suit all needs. 

Pro Series

One of our most popular products, the pro insole series provides you with life-changing results. With customisable arch support, your foot will feel supported and you’ll enjoy unparalleled comfort.. These insoles offer a flexible arch to promote blood flow and proper movement when walking, taking the pressure off your heel and allowing the plantar fasciitis to heal.



Not only do our insoles aid the recovery of plantar fasciitis, but they also work to prevent it in the future. Encouraging correct movement during exercise reduces overpronation, which is a common cause of foot, knee, hip and lower back pain.

We strongly believe in providing real solutions rather than temporary fixes that simply mask the pain. Working to strengthen your feet muscles in the right places means that one day in the future, you will be able to undertake activity without suffering from pain and discomfort ‚Äď could you imagine that feeling?


We Provide Personalised Solutions

The whole team at G8 Performance are knowledgeable, experienced and passionate about delivering exceptional customer service. Offering personalised support over email, we take the time to understand your situation and recommend the best solution. 


If you'd like to discuss your personal needs get in touch!

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