Fix your biomechanics when cycling

Fix your biomechanics when cycling

Pain while cycling? Check your biomechanics!

If you experience pain whilst cycling, this may be due to your biomechanics and cycling kinematics. A tool often used by Bike Fitters is a cleat wedge. Designed to improve stability, comfort, and reduce pain. The Form Cleat wedge is my first choice when addressing foot pronation and improving leg biomechanics.


How do I use a cleat wedge?

Best fitted during a bike fit, cleat wedges angle a rider’s shoe/foot by means of changing the angle between the cleat and shoe. Each Form cleat wedge offer 1 degree of tilt and multiple wedges can be used to achieve the desired angle. Allowing Physiotherapists & Bike Fitters to make bespoke changes to foot/pedal biomechanics that can reduce and even resolve pain in the foot, knee, hip and higher up! Placing the foot in a more neutral position can also improve the transfer of power to the pedal.


Available for all pedal types direct from Bike Fit Kit


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